Since my current work is concerned in a practical sense with traditions of hand sewing, with sewing pattern pieces, and repurposed materials, it was an exciting challenge to adapt my practice to the creation of an outdoor sculpture.  I was inspired by recent trends in wrapping tender shrubs for protection from freezing weather.

For Ever Last, I found and purchased a ten-dollar artificial Christmas tree on Craigslist.  I reconfigured its branches, took measurements, and drafted paper patterns for a tailored burlap “dress.”  I gave it several initial burlap fittings, using pins, tailor’s chalk and basting stitches to arrive at its final construction.  

The sculpture was exhibited in Sea, Sky and Sculpture - An Integration of Art, Architecture and the Landscape, curated by artist Anne Seelbach for the Mabel & Victor D’Amico House and Study Center in Amagansett, NY in 2018 and is now part of its collection. I’m told that many summer visitors to the site ask why the burlap is still on the tree.