Onna House -- Founded by Lisa Perry

"Onna House is a beautifully restored modernist home built in the 1960's filled with unique art pieces, furniture and objects. The mission of Onna House is to create visibility and appreciation for the work of women artists and designers. Rather than functioning as a traditional gallery space, Onna House is a private home and studio where friends can discover and collect new work; engage, support, and collaborate with artists; and relax while enjoying a stunning architectural setting and garden."

"A Loom of One's Own" features work by Amy Wickersham, Bastienne Schmidt, Candace Hill-Montgomery, Christy Matson, Claire Watson, Laurie Lambrecht, Mary Little, Saskia Friedrich, Suzanne Tick, Tanya Aguiñiga, & Toni Ross

Left: Flail, 2022

Right, Hold It Right There, 2022

Left: Claire Watson, Flail & Hold It Right There

Right: Toni Ross, Untitled, 2022

Left & bottom right: works in permanent collection by Lisbeth McCoy

Top right: Claire Watson, May I Make a Suggestion, 2021